Winter Lights

Walking the forest during winter brings many magical moments.

I sense the silence here today is shared. Part of it is the forest, and the other part is within me.

A short distance onto the trail I stop walking and the crunch of snow under my feet disappears. The thin air of winter steps back and for a moment I hear things that could be a million miles away.

Subtle sounds entice me to quiet further, slowing my breath as if one could stop all sounds completely. I scan the forest one tiny echo at a time. Listening for distinguishing characteristics, the essence within each creak, every gentle whisper. Some I have heard before, many just a mystery along the trail.

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Winter Tapestries

Winter comes and goes, and with it brings so many wonderful stories and inspiration.

This story is about a beautiful boreal (style) forest in Nepean (Ontario). It was a cold, wet day in March and I was walking with our dog, who always tags along.

This forest has many interesting features and many mysteries. If you’re quiet and listening, she will share her magic and tell her stories.

On this particular afternoon, I was in a low-lying area on the eastern edge of the forest. It was raining lightly after a bit of mild weather that had thawed some of the snow cover, bringing fresh water into the basins and creaks, filling puddles along the trail.

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Forest Stories

Many years of walking through forests in Ontario and Quebec have not only changed me as a person but altered how I understand and perceive the natural world. It’s also changed how I use my camera.

I’ve always known the quiet and stillness of the forest. And how all my senses come alive when I’m walking there.

The story below is about how the forest helped me learn to be quiet and still as she is. How to listen and learn from all her wonders, her stories. How to allow bigger things to exist and be real.

Do you see anything interesting in the above image?

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