The Tragically Hip finish Canadian Tour in Kingston, Ontario August 20th

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I’ve started a project to create my own t-shirt maybe, certainly something to keep in a prominent place.


A memory of the final TTH concert in Ottawa of course, more importantly a reminder.


I’ve grown up with The Tragically Hip, their concert the past week shows just how much we’ve all grown. Leaving the Canadian Tire Centre one had to feel the thousands of hearts aligned in the beauty of a moment. Later today, millions will be joining hands and hearts in the same way.


Everyone will have there moment, maybe more than one. Thursday night the song Bobcaygeon was the beginning of my moment. It was an opportunity to let go of all the small things in life that don’t matter.


Gord Downie’s legacy was already going to be a powerful one, if peace, harmony and togetherness are being added we are so fortunate. This will be my memory / reminder of the blessing his music brought us.


I remember standing on Lebreton Flats last summer at Bluesfest, a very wet Friday night. And as the rain poured upon us, Gord Downie and the Tragically Hip, kept us warm, safe and somewhat dry. I will never forget the steam rising from the audience as we stood shoulder to shoulder, the beat pounding, bodies swaying. The heavens opened to us this precious night!

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