Slash at the Ottawa Bluesfest

July 14, 2014 Categories: Blog

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The Wharf

July 4, 2014 Categories: Blog







Water slapped lightly against the pilings and mingled beyond. The beginnings of an outgoing tide stirred an aquatic parade below. Most of the crabs and starfish would hide amongst the weeds, while other fish seemed eager to sun bathe or follow the high water.

This dance took place twice a day as the harbor basin freshened with the flow of the ocean. On a hot summer days, this tiny miracle was fun to sit and watch. It is one of the many things that brought me here to the Steamer Wharf.

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Food Intolerances / Sensitivities (what you might not know)

June 24, 2014 Categories: Blog


It may surprise you, but eight common foods (milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, soy, wheat and shellfish), cause 90 percent of all food allergies.

Chances are, half of those items make common appearances in your daily diet. They could, be jacking up your cortisol, decreasing your immune strength, and keeping you from achieving your wellness goals.

Allergies versus intolerances

True food “allergies”, the kind that produces severe or anaphalatic reactions involve “IgE antibodies” in the immune system.

Food “sensitivities” or “intolerances” usually involve a different set of immune system … Read More »

Heart rock Ottawa with Jason Bonham (Led Zeppelin Tribute)

June 19, 2014 Categories: Blog

Sisters Anne and Nancy Wilson of Heart rock Ottawa with Jason Bonham













Immigrant Song..

Stairway to Heaven..

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Mayan and Friends in the Sea of Abaco (by John Bredin)

June 14, 2014 Categories: Blog


I think it was during my first trip with my own boat, Sister Whisper that our little group of 5 boats including Mayan and Robby Smith, sailed from Little Harbour at the South end of the Sea of Abaco to Manjack Cay just north of Green Turtle Cay.

We were persuaded by Robby to raft all five boats together for cocktails and a group dinner aboard Mayan which we’d all help with and then music as Robby had a Gibson Guitar that David had given him. What a treasure that was as it had scrawled on it some of … Read More »

“Route 52” (Florida 2014)

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About a year ago I happened across a conversation around the water cooler, where a dad was worried about his son heading off with friends to see a concert in another city. As I listened, I realized how emotional and stressed this group had become regarding this youthful outing.

Everyone seemed caught up in the mentality of “what might go wrong”, rather than “what might go right.” And after listening a bit longer, I said “If you don’t let your son go, you’ll need to discuss this with him and have legitimate reason as to why. But also, you’ll … Read More »

Heart return to Ottawa June 18th, with special guest Jason Bonham

June 13, 2014 Categories: Blog

Anne Wilson at a 2010 show in Mattawa, Ontario

If Heart haven’t been kind to Ottawa in recent years, I don’t know who has!

Wednesday June 18th, for a 3rd show in just 4 years, Anne and Nancy Wilson bring their “Heart Rockin Heaven Tour” to the Nation’s Capital. This time out, the ladies have Jason Bonham joining them to celebrate some Rock and Roll (pun intended). Jason will help Heart with several Led Zeppelin covers which of course will include “Stairway to Heaven” as was performed at the Kennedy Center in 2012 as a tribute to Zeppelin.

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November Flame

May 29, 2014 Categories: Blog,Today's photo

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Pittsburgh Architecture – Mellon Building

May 18, 2014 Categories: Photo of the Week

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Gastown Columns

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