Chicago in Concert

August 4, 2018 Categories: Blog

On Wednesday night, I saw the band Chicago play at the BB&T Pavilion, Camden, New Jersey.

REO Speedwagon opened with hits from their run in the eighties. The on-stage energy was high but they never did get the sound quite right with echo and excess gain taking away any chance for the subtle accents to be heard. The volume was simply too high creating a muddy middle range that kept anything sweet from escaping.

Chicago took the stage after a short break with a 27-song performance. Their sound was nearly perfect apart from the odd echo which seemed unavoidable at … Read More »

Bob Dylan Concert Review – Ottawa June 29, 2017

Bob Dylan brought his band and tour to Ottawa last night amidst the rain of a soggy June Day.


At 8:10 the band took the stage with Dylan not far behind, opening with “Things have changed.” A great piece as Dylan is constantly altering how he approaches music, not satisfied with keeping things the same too long.


His stage was designed to look like an old nightclub, everything about it had the fifties or possibly sixties feel. Dimly lit with many different lighting arrangements, Dylan offered the stage as a place of focus where the music seemed most… Read More »

The Tragically Hip finish Canadian Tour in Kingston, Ontario August 20th

August 20, 2016 Categories: Blog,Uncategorized


I’ve started a project to create my own t-shirt maybe, certainly something to keep in a prominent place.


A memory of the final TTH concert in Ottawa of course, more importantly a reminder.


I’ve grown up with The Tragically Hip, their concert the past week shows just how much we’ve all grown. Leaving the Canadian Tire Centre one had to feel the thousands of hearts aligned in the beauty of a moment. Later today, millions will be joining hands and hearts in the same way.


Everyone will have there moment, maybe more than one. Thursday night… Read More »

Engagement Photography

July 10, 2016 Categories: Blog

A recent engagement session captures more than a happy couple (article coming soon)

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Fathers – His Story

June 22, 2015 Categories: Blog

Although a quiet  man, my father was always there for his family and sons. He took special interest in all our projects, even those which by today’s standard would be considered an absolute no-no. Truth is, I think he enjoyed these silly games as much as the kids!

We knew dad would have the final say and respected his word, but his curiosity often left the door open to stunts that would be long finished before he could say no.

As a boy I remember his love for music, Jazz, Blues, Classical Folk and Contemporary, and how it often on … Read More »

Flash Photography Tips

January 26, 2015 Categories: Blog


Opening Thoughts

Many who know me will smile reading this, as I am an ambient light guy who uses reflectors and fill flash to best showcase the natural light that is available.

And to be honest, I struggle with artificial lighting when I haven’t used it regularly. If you’re really good with artificial lighting techniques, you’ve spent a lot of time mastering this very tricky craft. And if you’ve taking a course to learn more about studio lighting as I have, you will know how much knowledge and skill is required.

Photographers who shoot portraits / commercial must keep … Read More »

How to Make it Work “At Work”

January 7, 2015 Categories: Blog


Get excited about something / anything you will be doing during the course of your workday, and keep that excitement with you.

Give yourself permission to make a mistake knowing you will learn and thrive from doing so.

Understand that everyone works at a different pace, and that your energy and productivity are determined by many things. It’s important to understand that productivity will differ from hour to hour, and day to day. Bringing peace and happiness to your work situation is essential to grow and maintain your energy level and productivity. Remove judgement from how you work and … Read More »

Winter Photography Tips

January 2, 2015 Categories: Blog


Don’t Trust your Metering

Your camera will always need guidance but never more so than with snow on the ground. It’s a good time to avoid the automatic modes and shoot manual, taking as many test shots as required getting comfortable.

White Balance

AWB (auto white balance) is a good option anytime but winter where snow becomes either grey or blue. If you’re looking for best results find a preset that gets you close, or create a custom profile. This will drastically cut down your post production time.


For best results monitor your histogram, you will almost certainly … Read More »

Tom Petty and the Hearbreakers (Live in Montreal)

September 8, 2014 Categories: Blog

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – “American Dream Plan B” (Live from Montreal 2014 – Click on image to see live footage)

Concert Set list (Review coming soon – More Show Video)

So You Want to Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star

(The Byrds cover)

Mary Jane’s Last Dance

American Dream Plan B

Into the Great Wide Open

Listen to Her Heart

Forgotten Man

I Won’t Back Down

Free Fallin’

A Woman in Love (It’s Not Me)

U Get Me High


Two Gunslingers

Yer So Bad

Learning to Fly

Shadow People

I Should Have Known It


Runnin’ Read More »

Time Warp

August 21, 2014 Categories: Blog






















We go to the beach and let water and sand rush between our toes, yet leave the beach to walk on concrete? We allow this wonderful and freeing sensation to harden as though a diamond, compact and compressed.

Tonight I was out cycling and found myself wanting to push harder, go faster, becoming one with my mission. I think we’ve all been there, wanting to walk further, climb higher pushing the endless possibilities of the energy in that moment.… Read More »

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