Time Warp

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Time Warp






















We go to the beach and let water and sand rush between our toes, yet leave the beach to walk on concrete? We allow this wonderful and freeing sensation to harden as though a diamond, compact and compressed.

Tonight I was out cycling and found myself wanting to push harder, go faster, becoming one with my mission. I think we’ve all been there, wanting to walk further, climb higher pushing the endless possibilities of the energy in that moment.

What’s interesting about being in this type of zone is that we are fully aware of the moment, yet process our environment differently.

Tonight as I rode I knew my senses were working overtime to bring me into my zone. As I sliced through the forest, a deep musky scent pressed against me, air rushing over my skin and the sound of the forrest opened up. I call moments like this a “time warp,” and although time and space have not changed, we find ourselves tunnelling deeper into our surroundings.

It’s in these moments that I truly understand the complexities of daily life, and how we often overlook the beauty that surrounds us.

While riding tonight I was drawn to thoughts of an image I made in July. This image spoke to me about the simplicity of life, something we rarely appreciate fully. As I composed this image, I realized the peaceful nature it represented.

As humans we busy ourselves, hoping for free time to entertain and distress from the daily grind.

These flowers are a reminder that the world we participate in does not need to be hurried, rushed or stressful. It’s really about finding our zone and letting the garden grow around us, allowing the beach between our toes.

Tom Kelly


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