How to Make it Work “At Work”

January 7, 2015 Categories: Blog


622x350Get excited about something / anything you will be doing during the course of your workday, and keep that excitement with you.

Give yourself permission to make a mistake knowing you will learn and thrive from doing so.

Understand that everyone works at a different pace, and that your energy and productivity are determined by many things. It’s important to understand that productivity will differ from hour to hour, and day to day. Bringing peace and happiness to your work situation is essential to grow and maintain your energy level and productivity. Remove judgement from how you work and you will notice improvement in all you do.

Prioritize your work allowing time to accomplish specific goals Avoid the distraction of managing large groups of tasks simultaneously, this general breaks down energy decreasing your ability to focus and engage.

If you encounter a feeling of overwhelm, stop and evaluate the situation. Move forward once you fully understand what caused this feeling, and that it has been calmed and a strategy developed to avoid further feelings of overwhelm. It is your responsibility to manage work flow in a calm and peaceful manner to include asking for assistance.

Breaks throughout the day are important and will increase productivity. Take time at the beginning of each week / day to create a plan to enhance your downtime. Consider exercise, walks, stretching and meditation as options while in the workplace.

Stay hydrated; we often forget or get too busy to sip water or another beverage. Being properly hydrated is not only a good general habit, but it will allow for better brain function. Try to avoid too much caffeine or sugar.

Stay out of office politics and melodrama. If your workplace allows radios or headphones, find specific times to use music to help you focus and avoid unwanted distraction. It’s important to be a team player, but gossip is a huge time waster and can often be negative in nature.

If you are conscientious and hard working, don’t fall prey to being assigned a never ending list of additional tasks. This will eventually impact your regular work and job satisfaction, so allocate these tasks specifically to free time when it exists.

In today workplace everyone is required to offer input toward innovation. It’s imperative that you flow well within this process, understanding that not all your ideas will be used but are still valuable. We lead in everything we do regardless of our actions or ideas being praiseworthy, so enjoy and take pride in what you did accomplish. Collaboration means you introduced yourself to participated in process, it couldn’t happen without you!

If you find your boss, coworkers or working conditions unbearable at times this is a very normal emotion. We often allow these negative emotions to dominate our work experience, lowering our energy, productivity and level of happiness. Most situations like this are short lived if you offer yourself a positive reality check. If your best efforts and positive energy are not resolving your concerns, it may be time to consider new options.

If you’ve made it to quitting time with a smile on your face you may have the perfect job, or you may have simply developed a perfect work strategy. Individually we all know how to make work interesting and fun but often get caught in traps that are not serving or purposeful.

We are the thoughts we think, the actions we embody and all the imperfections we learn to sidestep and learn from. It’s time to grow beyond old school thinking, worry and discomfort, offering passion, care and sense of freshness into all we do!


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