I am Ottawa Photographer, Tom Kelly, and I specialize in landscape, nature, architecture and abstract photography. I also provide a full range of photography service, including retouching and post-production effects. My work is available as fine art reproductions upon request.

As a photographer I hope to uncover the essence of my subject by stripping it bare of extraneous matter to find meaning in the context.

I enjoy investigating images by other photographers to understand structure, technique and purpose. It’s through such study and ongoing passion that I’ve come to define my own photography.

Years of experience in the graphic arts field have helped me develop an ability to envision and compose. I want to draw the viewer inward, provoke emotion or make a statement with each image I capture. I pride myself in working with my clients to deliver high quality images and prints.

I occasionally offer personalized Photography Courses, to help students hone their skills and gain confidence behind the camera. The goal of each of my courses is to help individuals compose better images, understand their camera settings and shoot with consistency.

If one of my photographs interests you or you have a special moment longing to be captured, please drop me a line. It’s always a pleasure to help someone discover and design their next photographic experience!

I continually update my Blog, so check in often as there’s always something interesting going on!

Tom Kelly